Local Census
To provide to administrator users a way to manage the local census database through the administration panel Settings > Manage local census. Currently the only way to manipulate this table records is through the rails console.
Allow adiministrators users to manage this table in two different ways:
    Manually: one by one through a CRUD interface.
    Automatically: through an importation process.


Provide a way to manage local census records to administrator users through administration interface.
    Local Census Page
    Add new record
    Search by document_number: As local_census_records could contain a lot of records we have added a search feature to allow administrators to find existing records by document_number.
    Avoid the introduction of duplicated records: A model validation has been added to the following attributes pair [:document_number, :document_type]


Allow administrator users to import local census records though CSV file.
    Local Census Page
    Import CSV
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